Amiga Stuff (was Re: Is M2 Avail for Amiga) 
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 Amiga Stuff (was Re: Is M2 Avail for Amiga)

Leon Frenkel is also accessible through the net:

I appreciated his replying to all my email about questions and suggestions, re:
Benchmark Modula2

For the benefit of those with ftp access, several Benchmark M2 Amiga specific
stuff is available on, in the directory
       -using Arexx to interface Benchmark with ced
       -process spawning
       -library revisions for changes from 1.3
       -co-routines module
       -an alternate method of interfacing assembler to M2

BTW, some of this stuff is from the Avant-Garde's Amigavendor library area on

Sat, 14 Nov 1992 08:53:51 GMT  
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