Is Modula2 Available for the Am 
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 Is Modula2 Available for the Am

DR> Date: 23 Apr 90 17:52:10 GMT
DR> Organization: BP Research International - Research Center Warrensville,
DR>  Cleveland, OH

DR> Newsgroups: comp.lang.modula2,comp.sys.amiga
DR> A colleague is looking for a version of Modula2 that runs on an Amiga.
DR> If you know of such a beast, please e-mail (I'll be traveling and mail
DR> lasts, news doesn't).
     There are at least two that I know right now.
BenchMark is one of them and I M2Sprint is the other. You can find the
info on the system in Amazing Computing magazine.

     I have been with M2Sprint for about 12 months now and I am pretty
satisfy with the product but their customer support leaves a bit to be
desired since they never sent me any correspondence to let me know about
update or any other news. They just changed ownership in the past 2
months so maybe it will get better.


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Tue, 20 Oct 1992 14:28:22 GMT  
 Is Modula2 Available for the Am
is the most popular software development system on the Amiga; in North
America you may get it from a couple of mail order houses as e.g.
Comp-U-Save. Distributor is Interface Technologies Corp. in Houston, TX
(713/523 8422). For M2Amiga there exists a series of PD disks under the
name of AMOK (Amiga Modula-2 & Oberon Klub Stuttgart) which just
recently reached a number of 37 disks already, all full of code and

    .....           Albert Meier    Tel.  +41/65/52 03 11
   .. ....          A+L AG, Daederiz 61, CH-2540 Grenchen
  ..   ....

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Sun, 08 Nov 1992 15:01:22 GMT  
 Is Modula2 Available for the Am

The first line of my message got lost, here it is:

On the Amiga there is another Modula-2 compiler available: M2Amiga. In
Europe it is...

Sun, 08 Nov 1992 15:07:33 GMT  
 Is Modula2 Available for the Am
Sorry so late in responding but... Anyway, I have been using Benchmark M2 on my Amiga for the past couple of years and have been very pleased with both the quality of the product and the support given by it's author, Leon Frenkle (yes, you get to talk to the author, not a sales clerk). Anyway he also recently added a super source level de{*filter*} to the product line. Hope this helped, if you need any more info, call Avant-Garde software at 201-964-0260.

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Wed, 11 Nov 1992 04:17:00 GMT  
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