Request: recommendations for books on Oberon 
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 Request: recommendations for books on Oberon

I've read the papers on Oberon by N. Wirth as published in _Software
Practice & Experience_.  Can anyone recommend to me a good book or
books for learning Oberon?

Something like PIM2 3ed was? (That's what I learned Modula from.)

I've laid my grubbies on a copy of Ed Videki's Oberon-M compiler for
DOS boxes.  I found the standard IO to be positively bizarre, compared
to what I was used to in M2's InOut and RealInOut.

(That's no slam either to Oberon or the Oberon-M implementation.  It's
just that I'm no rocket scientist, and thus would greatly benefit from
being able to get a good, basic Oberon reference.)

Thanks in advance,



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