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Just noticed this in my OTHER mailbox, sorry for the delay.

Date: 8  Feb 88  7:46 +0100

Subject: Can you help me?


I have some problems m with our Usenet. I can read but not write. Could you
please forward a very short message to the Usenet that says the following:

Since Dec 87 there is a very fast M2 compiler for MS-DOS that compiles much
faster than all M2 compilers, produces code that is between 30 and 50% faster
and about 40% shorter than programs developed by Logitech M2 (even about 10
to 30% faster an  d smaller as Stony Brook). The compiler is called TaylorModula
and is available from Interface Technologies Corp., Houston (USA) and
A.+ L. Meier-Vogt, Bonstetten (Switzerland).

Thank you very much for your help.

With kind regards


Bill 'Deus' Nixon               One of the Univ. Of Pgh  ZETS !

        {allegra, cadre, psuvax1}!pitt!cisunx!wpnst

Mon, 20 Jul 1992 04:18:00 GMT  
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