MS-DOS Oberon 1.0 Announcement 
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 MS-DOS Oberon 1.0 Announcement

Version 1.0 of MS-DOS Oberon is now available from ETHZ via
anonymous ftp from ( in directory

Minimum configuration is
  MS-DOS Version 3.3
  Intel 80386 SX
  2 MB main memory
  VGA display
  3-Button mouse

For further details see README.TXT

The system is also available on floppy disk for a fee of 50 sFr (or 35 US$).
Mastercard and VISA are accepted.
Please contact:
  The Secretary,
  Institut fuer Computersysteme ETH,
  8092 Zurich, Switzerland

Andreas Disteli

Mon, 02 Jan 1995 17:00:29 GMT  
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