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 undefined variables

> Gaius, out of curiousity, can m2f be compiled to run under Win-32 using
> Cygnus? If so does it stand any chance of generating .exe files?

In short I haven't tried it. It would certainly be an interesting experiment!
I've not looked into the calling convention of C (gcc) under Win-32 yet - if
it were the same as GNU/Linux - then there is a good chance it's 95% finished.
If so, yes it stands a good chance of generating .exe files.

More than likely it might need a little hand holding to get it compiled under
Cygnus win 32 - one or two of the M2/C library files (Selection.def) could be
rm'ed or ported - but my guess is the overall port should be smooth
(assuming the calling convention is the same).



Fri, 17 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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