JPI Modula-2 v2.00 r1.04 under MS Windows 3.0 
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 JPI Modula-2 v2.00 r1.04 under MS Windows 3.0

Hi There!!!!

I am currently having problems running JPI Modula-2 v2.00 r1.04 under MS
Windows 3.00 in 386 Enhanced Mode on a 386 PC.  The pif file settings are for
an exclusive application  (gives program 100% machine resoures) and locking the
appilcations memory to prevent file swapping.  I ocassionally have problems
with loosing keyboard control and disk access from the editor environment, and
conflicts with the MS DOS SHARE.EXE program.  For those in ignorance, I am
running the Top Speed environment in a virtual 8086 machine.  Are there similar
problems with the OS/2 version?

I would like to know what the bugs are in r1.04 of JPI Modula-2 and if these
are the cause of the above problems.  Does any one else run the Top Speed
Environment under MS Windows 3.0 and how did you set it up? Any Thoughts on
these matters would be appreciated.

Thanks Heaps for your help.

                                Matthew A. Grant

Mon, 15 Mar 1993 23:11:02 GMT  
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