your despicable behavior (1 of 3) 
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 your despicable behavior (1 of 3)

My, what a poor loser you are.  To review -- you claimed that "ritual
abuse" was a longstanding term used in psychology.  You cited references
which you claimed would prove this.  These references turned out never to
use the term at all.  In the same thread, you insisted that Tom Keller
and "Brigit" had not brought up Satanism on their own; quotes proved that
they had brought it up themselves in their first messages on the subject
of "ritual abuse".  You ignored these quotes completely and continued to
insist that they had not talked about Satanism of their own accord.  You
are a joke, a pathetic excuse for a debater, a pathologically dishonest
man with inane pretensions of scholarship.  Please refrain from
inflicting your neuroses on us in the future.

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Wed, 07 Apr 1993 05:10:42 GMT  
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