Troubles with Modula2 on Ultrix 
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 Troubles with Modula2 on Ultrix

The teacher of our Data Structures class has decided to change
from Pascal to Modula2 this term as the main programming language.

Everyone agrees, that the use of Modula2 will be better for
such a class, but we are having great difficulties getting
the complier to work right.

I don't know exactly which complier we are using, but it is
using 'C' io routines like printf, open, writef, &c.

The problem we seem to have is that when using a Transparent
Data Structure, the front-end of the complier bombs with a
Status of 139 - whatever that means.

We have very little documentation on the complier, and the
teacher has spent much time and effort on trying to get things
to work.

Ironically, the same exact program worked on another Vax with
the same complier!

Any comments, or suggestions would be most welcome.

Either send them to the newsgroup, or reply with some personal

Deus aka Bill Nixon
Univ. Of Pittsburgh - Home of the Panthers
Also Founding Home of the Zets...

Wed, 17 Feb 1993 00:55:00 GMT  
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