yacc/lex like tools that generate Modula 2 
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 yacc/lex like tools that generate Modula 2

        There was a recent query regarding compiler construction tools thatn
generated Modula2 instead of C. At Karlsruhe university, on the machine
(I think) ftp.karlsruhe.gmd.de in the directory /pub/cocktail, there is a
whole suite of compiler construction tools that are somewhat more advanced
than lex and yacc, and they do include tools to convert from yacc and lex to
the new formats. Included in the directory is a Modula 2 to C translator,
with sources in Modula 2 and C. Also included are the various tools and
runtime libraries. They generate either C or Modula 2, depending on runtime



Sat, 21 Jan 1995 07:41:29 GMT  
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