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>Date: 16-NOV-1987 16:33:32.70
>From: Muehlhaeuser Karlheinz MPE Garching KZM AT DGAMPE5D

>Subj: VAX-11 Modula2

We got a copy of VAX-11 Modula2 written people at Informatik Hamburg.
However we are missing the definition-files of the external modules
from the utility-library: TxtIO,FileNames,etc...
Can anyone send me a copy of all supplied??

Thanks  K.Muehlhaeuser

 Karlheinz Muehlhaeuser                         Tel. +49 89 3299 520
 Max-Planck-I.f. Extraterrestrische Physik

 8046 Garching                                  SPAN  :: MPE::KZM
 Germany                                                     (28773::KZM)

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 11:08:00 GMT  
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