New reader of modula-2 C 
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 New reader of modula-2 C

 -=> Quoting Roland Frederic to All <=-

 RF> Hi! I'm new here and I recently read a text file about Modula-2
 RF> Oberon. For now I program in Turbo Pascal and since I eard that
 RF> these languages came from Niclaus Wirth I wish to have a
 RF> few enlightment about difference between these languages.

 From _Programming in Modula-2_ by Niklaus Wirth:

     "The language language Modula-2 is a descendant of its
 direct ancestors Pascal and Modula.  Whereas Pascal had been
 designed as a general purpose language and after implementation
 in 1970 has gained wide usage, Modula had emerged from experiments
 in multiprogramming and therefore concentrated on relevant
 aspects pertinent to that field of application.  It had been
 defined and implemented experimentally by 1975"


 "The language's main additions with regard to Pascal are:

     1) The _module_ concept, and it particular the facility
     to split a module into a _definition part_ and an
     _implementation part_.

     2) A more systematic syntax which facilitates the learning
     process.  In particular, every structure starting with a
     keyword also ends with a keyword, i.e. is properly

     3) The concerpt of the _process_ as the key to multiprogramming

     4) So-called _low-level facilities_ which make it possible
     to breach the rigid type consistency rules and allow to
     map data with Modula-2 structure onto a store without
     inherent structure.

     5) The _procedure type_ which allows procedures to be
     dynamically assigned to variables."

 I can't help much with Oberon.  I know it adds "type extension
 facilities" and removes a number of Modula-2 constructions,
 but I've never actually worked with the language.

                                        - Narti

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