I need help........programming help! 
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 I need help........programming help!

        Well I need to test the effects of strobe lighting on hypnotised
patients and I need a form of strobe which I can vary the colour and
frequency of but without it costing me an arm or a leg!!!!! Someone
suggested using a computer screen and I thought ACE!!!! Then I thought
SHIT I don't know how to program.....! I am really asking if anyone would
care to bend their mind to the problem? I know this is a bit cheeky of me
to ask but HEY! When you have access to the best through the internet why
not use the best! (Well at least consult the best!!!!)

        I have access to TopSpeed Modula 2 and Basic. I don't think I
have much more. I have had a very limited knowledge of programming and I
am therefore more of a nusiance when it comes to asking for something
like this. If anyone out there would like to have a go I will be most
grateful otherwise don't panic........I much appreciate you time.


Tue, 05 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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