Break 640K MSDOS barrier 
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 Break 640K MSDOS barrier

I am working in a department that is building an MSDOS application for
{*filter*}sample analysis. We are using Novell's "XQLP" database retrieval,
and Magma System's "Mewel"; a window- and eventhandling library. The
compiler we use is Stony Brook Version 2, and we use the multitasking
as well. While the use of all these features takes away the burden of
writing these them ourselves we are running in serious memory problems.

There several ways to overcome these memory limit; use of
Expanded/Extended memory for either data or code, or maybe running the
processor in 'protected mode'. But we don't have experience of
programming that way.

Do YOU have any experience in using memory extension, or protected mode
under the modula-2 environment.

Please reply by e-mail

uucp: hp4nl!bsovax!sunatb!adri

Sat, 03 Apr 1993 18:56:55 GMT  
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