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 Instruction Speed

> As has been said, it varies from CPU to CPU.  On an 8088 it is
> probably faster to do the 3 MOVSW instructions.  This is because
> it takes less time to fetch the instruction bytes (3) than in the
> MOV CX,3; REP MOVSW (5).  The same may also be true on systems
> that have 2 or more wait states.
> Ironically, on a 486 it takes less time to use MOV AX,[DI]; MOV [SI],AX
> three times (even less if you use EAX!) if you are executing out of cache.

This example shows that on quite similar architectures, the particular
code sequence which gives fastest performance can still be architecture
dependent.  It is also true for high level languages.  Quite different
fortran or C code can be better on different architectures.  Thus it is
necessary for HLLs to have the option of the user, or the compiler writer,
or the library producer, providing alternative codings for a given purpose.

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