Tail recursion and complete recursion? 
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 Tail recursion and complete recursion?

Can someone tell me what the difference is in tail recursion
and complete recursion?

Tue, 29 Oct 1996 13:08:23 GMT  
 Tail recursion and complete recursion?


>Can someone tell me what the difference is in tail recursion
>and complete recursion?

Operationally, a tail-recursive call is a function/procedure call just
prior to a return from the function/procedure that did the call. The
reason this is interesting is that the stackframe of the calling
function/procedure is not needed anymore and can be overwritten by the
stackframe of the new function/procedure. Tail-recursive programs can
thus be implemented using constant size stackspace.

Syntactically, tail-recursive function/procedure calls must not be
embedded in any other function call, nor in arithmetic
expressions. They may be in the branches of conditionals and as the
last expression/statement in a sequence of expressions/statements.

Some examples (in C):

        int factorial(n)
        int n;
          if (n==0) return(1);
          else return(n*factorial(n-1));

is not tail recursive, as the call is embedded in an arithmetic
expression. On the other hand

        int factorial(n)
        int n;

        int fac_acc(n,f)
        int n,f;
          if (n==0) return(f);
          else return(fac_acc(n-1,n*f));

is tail recursive. Tail recursive functions may have several recursive
calls, as long as they are in different branches of a conditional,

        int binsearch(a,v,i,j)
        int a[],v,i,j;
          if (a[i]==v) return(i);
          else if (v<=a[(i+j)/2])

In some functions, some of the calls may be tail-recursive whil other
are not. Such functions are not called tail-recursive. An example is

        int ack(m,n)
        int m,n;
          if (m==0) return(n+1);
          else if (n==0) return(ack(m-1,1));
          else return(ack(m-1,ack(m,n-1)));

Here the innermost call in the last line isn't tail-recursive. The
function can't be made tail-recursive without introducing extra

Tue, 29 Oct 1996 16:48:04 GMT  
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