PL/1 compiler for DOS/WIN/OS2 ? 
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 PL/1 compiler for DOS/WIN/OS2 ?

>Could someone tell me if it's possible to get a PL/1 compiler for DOS /
>Windows or OS/2 ?

IBM has a PL/1 for OS/2 that I've heard is very good.  The pricing isn't
clear to me.  There was a deal going a while ago.  If the price is still
too high, you might check to see if PL/1 is on IBM's DevCon CD (I have
vague memories) in which case you can essentially rent it along with
a bunch of other handy stuff for something like $200 per year (a new
CD is shipped to you every 3 months).

Sorry, I don't know about any PD, freeware or shareware versions.


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