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 VS Trilogy?


>  I was wondering if anyone knew what happened to VS or their
>programming language, Trilogy? For that matter, I wonder if anyone
>has any information or thoughts on these "non-mainstream" languages?
>For instance, how widely are they used, etc.

I think Paul Voda, the designer and implementor of Trilogy (and perhaps
founder of VS = Voda Software??) left the software industry and got a
job doing something entirely different.  My knowledge is all
second- or third-hand, however; you might get a more informative (and
authoratative) answer if you ask in comp.lang.prolog.

I strongly doubt if anyone at all uses Trilogy these days.  However,
languages like Trilogy can have an influence on the design of later
languages.  If you're interested in Trilogy-like languages, I suggest
you check out Mercury and Oz.  Oz is another language that aims to be
multi-paradigm, as did Trilogy.  Mercury, which I am working on for my
PhD thesis, was designed foremost as a logic programming language
rather than a multi-paradigm language, but it does have support for
imperative-style programming (with unique modes) and higher-order
programming (with lambda expressions, closures, and currying).
I would guess that Mercury is probably the most Trilogy-like language
around at the moment.

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Thu, 23 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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