Looking for a RM/COBOL book/disk set 
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 Looking for a RM/COBOL book/disk set

Since there is no comp.lang.cobol group I post this one here:

Looking for an used copy of the book/disk item:

Getting Started with RM/COBOL-85 by Stern, N.
ISBN 0-471-53361-0 (3.5)  or 0-417-53358-0 (5.25)
Original retail cost was $19.95
I am willing to pay up to $15 if the condition is excellent, plus
shipping (!!).

If you don't have but know someone who does, please put him/her in
touch with me ASAP.

phone: (303) 491-7949 daytime MST
       (303) 491-8165 after that

The other alternative may the whole book set/disk:
Getting Started with RM/COBOL 6th edition, which includes the book
Structured COBOL Programming, by Stern and Stern.
Original retail cost was $49.95
I am willing to pay up to $30 on this plus shipping, but must respond
by tomorrow at midnight, and will have to fax me a copy of the cover
of the book to verify the book.


Wed, 26 Jul 1995 08:24:42 GMT  
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