Most annoying Java gotchas 
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 Most annoying Java gotchas


>Lisp programmers have the same problem; there are at least two defined
>"equality" predicates, just as with Java. One compares strings and
>lists to see if they are the same object (called == in Java, called
>"eq" in Lisp), another compares element by element (called "equals" in
>Java, "equal" in Lisp). I find that Lisp programmers, who are used to
>high level operations, are often surprised when the first fails for
>two different strings or linked lists that contain identical
>elements. But C/C++ programmers expect this, since == in C/C++ returns
>false (0) for two different strings or linked lists, even if they
>contain identical elements.

C test for value equality, however, strings aren't a real data type
in C -- pointers are, so you're not comparing strings for equality,
you're comparing char pointers.

[ C++ allows you to do all sorts of strange stuff. ]

>I'm not sure how Java would go about preventing this problem.

Lisp ( and Java ) have the right idea in allowing you to test
for either value or object identity. The only problem is in
not making the distinction clear and obvious in the syntax.

Python, for example, uses "is" for object identity:

>>> [1,2,3] = [1,2,3]

SyntaxError: can't assign to literal
>>> [1,2,3] == [1,2,3]
>>> [1,2,3] is [1,2,3]


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