What is OSSI; optional part of OSSI follows 
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 What is OSSI; optional part of OSSI follows

Following the posting of the OSSI kernel, we are now going to
post to net.sources the definition modules of the OSSI optional
part. OSSI is a standard system interface for Modula-2 programs.
It was described in the November issue of IEEE Software, pages 18-26.
The definition part of the interface is machine and system
independent, and therefore of interest to many users of Modula-2.
This message is being posted to newsgroups other than those
concerned with Modula-2 since standardization of system interfaces
is of interest to groups other than the Modula-2 community.

The modules we are now posting define an interface to advanced I/O
devices such as mice and window systems. The names of the modules
are SIWindows, SISimpleText, SIAdvancedText, SITurtle, SIGraphics,
SIEvents, SIMenus and SIFullScreen. The names of the modules have
changed slightly since we wrote the article over 6 months ago.

                Ed Biagioni

                Klaus Hinrichs

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 15:10:00 GMT  
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