Program to create Red-Black Trees 
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 Program to create Red-Black Trees

I am looking for a Pascal program which creates ``red-black trees''.

The red-black trees are a version of a 2-3-4 node tree which is a true
binary tree (balanced).  It uses red and black links to show whether
the nodes are on the same level as a parent node or not.

I have most of the algorithm down (which is all I need to do) but I
would like to get some code (preferrably in Turbo Pascal) which I
could get to work and trace its operation.

The algorithm I have thus far consists of the following:

     o  Procedure ``insert'' to bring in a new element (character)
        and trace it down the tree and insert it in the proper location

     o  Procedure to ``rotate'' a 4-node (2 consecutive red links) and
        make it a balanced 4-node

     o  Procedure to ``split'' a 4-node and make the two children
        linked to the parent with a black link

   The ``rotate'' occurs when a new node is added at the same level
and it creates the two red links in a row.  
   The ``split'' occurs when a new node is being brought down the tree
and the algorithm encounters a balanced 4-node.

Any suggestions on implementation or comments will be appreciated.

     Thanks in advance      

               Rusty Nelson
               (303) 538-2465
      I am in the process of switching machines, so please respond to
all three of the following e-mail addresses so I have a better chance
of getting your response.

   Thanks again!!!!!!  8^)

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 18:08:00 GMT  
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