PL/I Conference November 5 - 9 
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 PL/I Conference November 5 - 9

Going to GUIDE?

GUIDE Fall '95 is scheduled from November 5 - 9 at the Sheraton
New Orleans.  PL/I sessions include the following:

AP201 -- Condition Handling in Application Development (PL/I Focus)
Condition handling paradigms of three common development languages
(PL/I, C, and COBOL) will be outlined and discussed.  Merits of
the powerful PL/I condition handling model will be identified with
examples.  Attendees will be encouraged to talk about their current
use of condition handling and what they would like to see in future

   Speakers     Don Smith - IBM
                Peter Elderon - IBM
   Moderator    Sue Bortone - NYNEX
   Wednesday    8:30 a.m.

AP202 -- Porting PL/I from OS/2 to AIX
Peter Elderon, the chief developer for IBM's PL/I on the workstation,
will describe his experiences porting a non-trivial PL/I application
from OS/2 to AIX, namely the PL/I compiler and library itself.  This
talk will concentrate on this user's experience, and include tips
for those of you who want to port PL/I from either the host or
OS/2 to AIX.  (It will also describe why the few bits written in
C were the least portable.)

   Speaker      Peter Elderon - IBM
   Moderator    Sue Bortone - NYNEX
   Wednesday    10:15 a.m.

AP203 -- PL/I Requirements (An informal overview with IBM at SKIDS)
Grab something cool to drink, a handful of munchies, and mosey over
to the PLIwood table at SKIDS to find out what happened to that PL/I
requirement you submitted.  IBM has updated the database and will
have all the latest on status.  If you're interested in checking up
on a past requirement, submitting a new one, or just want to chat
about things you'd like to see in PL/I on any platform, this is the
place to be.  Drinks are on us!

   Speakers     Roz Palmer - IBM
                Karen Barney - IBM
   Moderator    Sue Bortone - NYNEX
   Wednesday    6:30 p.m.

Besides these specific sessions, other PL/I related sessions--for
example, a Languages User Exchange (AP049), and presentations on
IBM's Language Environment (AP101, AP102, and AP104)--are scheduled
on Thursday.  Hope to see you all there!

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