PL/I Optimizing Compilers 
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 PL/I Optimizing Compilers

        >>---Whole array operations, and operations on cross-sections of arrays,
        >>have been part of PL/I since 1966 or so.
        >>   That's plenty of time to get experience on optimizing array

        >Maybe, but nobody bothered to write optimizing PL/I compilers :-)


---Optimizing PL/I compilers were produced as far back as 1970,
and they are still being produced.  For example, check out the
literature on the IBM OS Optimizing compiler (c. 1970).

   There was at least one for the CDC {*filter*} 70 series.  And I
guess that if you checked all the other mainframe systems, you
would find them there too.

   More recent examples include the IBM PL/I for OS/2 compiler, and,
I understand, that for AIX.

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