3rd RFD: comp.compilers.tools.pccts 
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 3rd RFD: comp.compilers.tools.pccts

        Request For Discussion (RFD):    comp.compilers.tools.pccts

        This is the third posting of this RFD. No changes have been made to
the original, except for the proposed name. The name was changed for two
reasons: first, to make the purpose of the group more obvious to those users
not already familiar with PCCTS, and second, to make it easier for similar
groups to be added to the comp.compilers hierarchy.

        This message seeks to initiate a discussion on the creation of a
new USENET newsgroup "comp.compilers.tools.pccts" as described below.
Discussion should take place in news.groups. Anyone interested in the topic
is encouraged to participate.

        This newsgroup would be for discussion of tools used in compiler
construction, specifically those which are bundled into the software package
known as PCCTS (Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set). Currently this set of
tools includes DLG for lexical analysis, ANTLR for syntax analysis and parsing,
and SORCERER for tree parsing. Possible topics include exchange of information
on getting, building, installing, and using the tools, broadcasting examples,
bug reports and patches, suggestions for enhancements, and new tools to be
added to the set.

        The Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set currently has over 1000
known users in over 37 countries. The tools are freely available with
source code by anonymous ftp and are actively maintained. There is also a very
active mailing list which is used to provide support as outlined above. With
the recent release of the SORCERER tool, traffic on the mailing list has
increased substantially. The existing comp.compilers newsgroup provides a forum
for general compiler-related issues, but is not intended to address tools issues
or PCCTS specifically. The proposed newsgroup comp.compilers.tools.pccts would
provide a focused forum for the users of PCCTS to exchange information as
outlined in the possible topics mentioned above. Upon creation of the
newsgroup, the existing mailing list will be converted to a mail gateway to
retain access for users unable to receive Usenet news.

        comp.compilers.tools.pccts is an unmoderated newsgroup which will
serve as a forum for all topics related to the installation, operation, and
development of the Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set (PCCTS), including
all of its current tools, as well as any which may be added in the future.
Some of the topics to be discussed are:

- How to obtain the PCCTS package.

- Questions and answers on building and using the tools.

- How to write an ANTLR/SORCERER grammar.

- How to use Semantic/Syntactic predicates.

- Announcement of conferences and workshops.

- Ideas for Enhancements/New tools for the set.

- Posting of sample grammars and lexclasses.

        This RFD is being cross-posted to the following groups. Please relay
this proposal to anyone you feel may be interested.


        In addition, this RFD is being posted to the existing pccts-users
mailing list.

Wed, 09 Oct 1996 04:30:41 GMT  
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