Sending a "@"-character - changing keybord layout? 
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 Sending a "@"-character - changing keybord layout?

using a sendey.dll. The problem is that on German keyboards this
character is not located above the "2" as with US keyboards, but
rather as a third character on the bottom of "Q". In order to print
such a character you have to simultaneously press a key labelled "ALT
GR" located to the right of the space bar.
When I specify  the US keyboard layout in my autoexec.bat, everything
works fine, but if I specify  keyb gr,, .... , it just won't work.

help. Using US keyboard layout, I can use Chr(34), or simple send
a "2" with the appropriate Shift state.
How can I work around this?
Is there an emulation?
Can I change the keyboard set?
How can I reach that character with a German layout?

Please email me, too.

Thanks a lot

Dietrich Delekat

Mon, 19 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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