Question about handling of Up/Down Arrow keys 
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 Question about handling of Up/Down Arrow keys

Hello all:

        I am writing a utility for editing a number of user inputs
        - about 20 of them. It is a character based interface,
        in which I have inputs being given at every line. A down
        arrow key means, I should move to next line in to the input
        field and expect another input. If the input is entered, I
        expect a return or enter. I am using ASCII codes to read the
        data, and compare with carriage return ASCII value to take
        the next step. How should I handle up or down arrow keys?

        Is there a ASCII value associated with up and down arrow keys?
        If yes, what are the values? If not, how do I handle this?

        An example of the input looks like:

        Parameter        Current Value          New Value
        No of Persons       20                   _______
        No of days          14                   _______
        The new values are entered by the user. If he presses the
        down arrow, the default value is taken.

        Any help will be very much appreciated.


Mon, 03 Apr 1995 01:30:00 GMT  
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