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 A new programming Ezine , OnlineProgrammer Ezine

Hi there

I wish posting this invitation here is legal .
If not so , please forgive for this

A new programming ezine is now available.Here is
sample articles.

                Online Programmer Ezine
A none profit publication for intermediate and new
programmers is a weekly Ezine.

To subscribe this Ezine go to Learning Online homepage at
above address.

We have also FREE ONLINE and EMAIL COURSES . Including
Web design, C Programming, Perl Programming, ASP, etc.

 Sample articles:

 - Network Programming, What is it: BSD sockets,
   Winsock, Socket Objects.

 - What is a Cgi-bin: A sample program.

 - delphi and C++ Builder Comparison Test Results.

 - How to make new style .chm help files.

 - Database Servers, What are these: Oracle, MS-SQL,

 - HTML, Dynamic HTML, XML

 - Guidelines to make Pascal and Delphi programs more

 - CGI, CGI-Bin, ASP: A brief review

 - Using Precompiler Directives in C and C++

 - Java and JScript

and more...


To subscribe send an email to:

or go to Ezine subscription homepage:

To Submit An Article For Publication
We are always looking for good articles that can be useful
to subscribers. If you've written a good article, you can
send it for evaluation. If its contents are relevant and
We believe the information will be useful to our subscribers
, We will publish it. Please send articles to

or to the editor's email address.

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Before you buy.

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