brainf* for Irix/MIPS 
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 brainf* for Irix/MIPS

Finally, the great brainf* language will get some support
on the SGI platform, too.
I'd like to contribute my very own implementation of brainf*,
specific and optimized for Irix/Mips.

There has not been very exhaustive testing, as I have
one and only one SGI computer available at the moment.
I *know* it runs well on an Octane/R12K with 6.5.7.
However I think, it should run on any MIPS3 SGI.
R3K is definitely unsupported, and have no clue if it
will work on R4000 or not.

In case you're one of the thousands of SGI brainf* developers,
waiting for a fast interpreter, you can get the
source+binary package at
and the binary-only distribution at

Have fun with it, or ... well ... :)

Best Regards,

Thu, 15 Dec 2005 08:19:49 GMT  
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