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> > Has anyone tried running Ruby/GTK under any non-Linux UNIX (AIX in
> > particular) and/or under Windows 98|NT|2000?

>  Ruby/Gtk worked under Windows 95 when Gtk for Win was ver 1.2.
>  But now, Gtk for Win is ver 1.3 and Ruby/Gtk is based on Gtk 1.2,
>  so Ruby/Gtk does not work on Windows 95(Maybe 98|NT|2000).
>  Some ruby-list Japanese members are trying to run Ruby/Gtk on
>  Windows now. I think Ruby/Gtk would work on Windows 98|NT|2000
>  presently.

Thanks for the update.

I am sure looking forward to the new Windows 98|NT|2000 version of Ruby/Gtk,
especially now that I have a working version of Ruby/GTK on AIX 4.3.


Wed, 21 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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