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 TSIA write-up

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Earlier this year in these newsgroups I announced a computing project
called Task System and Item Architecture (TSIA).

Since then, I have given invited presentations of TSIA at IBM, Caltech,
Lawrence Livermore and elsewhere.
Based on these presentations, there is a short write-up of TSIA available
at http://www.*-*-*.com/ or at http://www.*-*-*.com/
I append the title and abstract.

Many of the participants of these newsgroups will enjoy the opportunities
opened by TSIA.


After Compilers and Operating Systems :
The Third Advance in Application Support

After compilers and operating systems, TSIAs are the third advance in
application support.  A compiler supports a high level application
definition in a programming language.  An operating system supports a
high level interface to the resources used by an application
execution.  A Task System and Item Architecture (TSIA) provides an
application with a transparent reliable, distributed, heterogeneous,
adaptive, dynamic, real-time, interactive, parallel, secure or other
execution.  In addition to supporting the application execution, a
TSIA also supports the application definition.  This run-time support
for the definition is complementary to the compile-time support of a
compiler.  For example, this allows a language similar to fortran or C
to deliver features promised by functional computing.  While many
TSIAs exist, they previously have not been recognized as such and have
served only a particular type of application. Existing TSIAs and other
projects demonstrate that TSIAs are feasible for most applications.
As the next paradigm for application support, the TSIA simplifies and
unifies existing computing practice and research. By solving many
outstanding problems, the TSIA opens many, many new opportunities for

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