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Hello netlanders,

I have been doing some work with functional programming languages (well
with fp) and have heard about sml (standard ml) but I can not seem
to find any information on it.  Is there anyone out there who has
worked with sml; has references or actual manuals, papers, etc on line
which they could e-mail me; and where or how does one acquire a copy
of the system? (have I forgotten anything? :-) )
Since I have nothing so far, I would appreciate any information you
can provide.

Thanx in advance,
David Wood
School of Information & Computer Science, Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA 30332

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Mon, 19 Apr 1993 16:24:00 GMT  
 sml info

The language ML has been around quite a while, and Standard ML is a recent
attempt to standardize it.  I mention this because there is a larger
literature on previous versions of ML than there is on Standard ML.
Here are some places to look:

Original ML (this was not a stand-alone language processor; rather, ML
  was a kind of overgrown command language for a proof system called LCF):

  Gordon et al, A Metalanguage for Interactive Proof in LCF, 5th POPL, 1978

  Gordon et al, Edinburgh LCF, Springer LNCS 78

Cardelli ML (a stand-alone version implemented by L. Cardelli):

  Cardelli, ML under UNIX, Bell Labs Tech. Memo.  (I don't have any other
     publication info.)

Standard ML:

  Milner, A Proposal for Standard ML, Symp. on Lisp and F. P., 1984,

The latter is the only reference I can find describing Standard ML itself,
and it is not intended for the beginner - in fact, it is one of the most
terse language descriptions I've ever seen.

As far as obtaining a copy, Dave MacQueen (Bell Labs) and Andrew Appel
(Princeton) are nearing completion of a new implementation (Vax and 68020),
as reported in a recent paper:

  MacQueen and Appel, A Standard ML Compiler, Symp. on Functional P. L.'s
   and Computer Arch, 1987, Springer LNCS 274.

I suggest writing to MacQueen (Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ 07974) or
Appel (Dept. of C.S., Princeton U., Princeton, NJ 08544).

Sam Kamin
U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 10:15:00 GMT  
 sml info


>Michael Schmidt writes (neulich shrieb):
>> there is no concept of rewrites in ML

>Correct. But there is a large sublanguage of ML that does
>have a rewrite semantics.
>One can apply equational reasoning to programs written in the
>sublanguage. (I'm ignoring the problem of partial functions,
>like most people who work with strict functional languages).

Forgive my mathematical ignorance here - but, by "partial" do you mean
nonterminating, or undefined for some arguments?
   You can't have exceptions and maintain the applicative property of your
sublanguage, since you've lost referential transparency - for example,

        fun f() = raise F
        fun g() = raise G
        val x = f() + g()
                handle F => 1   ||
                       G => 2

The evaluation order becomes important. If you omit exceptions, then you've got
to define some behaviour for "head(nil)" - or is this what you mean by
   You *can* have exceptions in a pure functional language, if you treat
exceptions as special values - I did this for the language described in
my thesis, precisely for this reason. There's an implementation overhead,
and you have to program some things slightly differently, but it works...
Nick Rothwell,  Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, Edinburgh.

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Mon, 19 Apr 1993 12:19:00 GMT  
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