nawk and forms 
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 nawk and forms

i tried with the use of the nawk man pages
to build an application that would take basic info
from the terminal and store it in a data base file.
I ran into one problem and that was with the first entry.
in order to get the first prompt to print out
you have to hit an extra carriage return.
is there some way to possibly have a title print out
on the terminal and then have the first prompt print
and have the first getline ready for input after that?
nawk appeared as if it would be an improvement over awk but now i'm not
so sure given both have the same problem with the code.

{ printf "%s", "first name:  " }
getline f

interestingly, nawk makes no complaint about this but
gawk 2.11 complains about an error near line 2.

Sun, 02 Mar 1997 00:03:18 GMT  
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