need a tool to create simple client/server apps 
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 need a tool to create simple client/server apps

I am looking for a simple tool that would provide us with a simple interface
to Sybase database to enter data. Here are the requirements for the tool:

1. The client program should run on Solaris, PC and Mac.
2. It should support usual popup menus, check boxes, radio buttons that are
   available in a Web browser or any other GUI interface.
3. The client should be able to generate client user interface reading
   either the database schema directly or the same information from
   a text file. Some other meta information may also be specified about
   the user interface, in addition to the above information.
4. This interface  is primarily meant for data entry application. So, I'm not
   looking for much sophistication. Typically, a screen will let user
   specify data on the client side, send it to server and execute some simple
   insert SQl statements / Stored Procedures to complete the transaction.
   We will also need ability to map data onto multiple tables.

The ideal interface would ofcourse be thru WWW, with these tools generating
the forms and server scripts for data manipulation.

If you're aware of any such existing tools in the market or on the WWW,



Mon, 13 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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