The Definition of Standard ML. 
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 The Definition of Standard ML.

A belated response (addition) to a September posting:


>Newsgroups: comp.lang.misc
>Subject: The Definition of Standard ML.

>            The Programming Language Standard ML
> Other currently active implementations are by
> Michael Hedlund at the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory, by Robert
> Duncan and Simon Nichols in Aaron sloman's group at the University of
> Sussex and by Malcolm Newey and his group at the Australian National
> University.
>  Robert Harper      Robin Milner            Mads Tofte

PML, the Sussex University version of ML (currently compatible with
Standard ML Version 1, with some extensions for mixed language
programming) is part of the Poplog development environment which also
includes Common Lisp, Prolog and Pop-11, an integrated screen editor,
window manager, etc. PML provides access to the other facilities in

PML has been implemented as one of several "front end" incremental
compilers in Poplog, so it automatically becomes available along with
the other languages, on any machine to which Poplog is ported. All
the languages are fully compiled to machine code.

Poplog has recently been ported to Sequent Symmetry Sun-386i, and Sun-4.

Ports to other 80386-based machines are expected to follow. (The
Sun-386i port took under two weeks.)

It previously ran on VAXen(VMS/Unix), Sun2, Sun3, HP 9000/300 series,
Apollo with BSd Unix, Orion 1/05 (Clipper + unix).

Poplog ML is available on all of these machines, but requires a poplog

Although it does not (yet) have the latest extensions to ML it
is being used for teaching ML, as it provides convenient online
"teach" "help" and library facilities all accessible via the editor.

Poplog is distributed commercially by SD-Scicon, but massive discounts
are available for educational sites (direct from Sussex in the case
of UK sites).

Aaron Sloman,
School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences,
Univ of Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9QN, England

    UUCP:     ...mcvax!ukc!cvaxa!aarons

Phone:  University +(44)-(0)273-678294  (Direct line. Diverts to secretary)

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 15:06:00 GMT  
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