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I am in Detroit metro area looking for a few (6) people who love computers,
programming, or business related passions.  My goal is to create an elite
computer/business related group to meet once a week (like a bowling leage,
only I hate bowling) and mow over some concepts, share ideas, impliment
ideas, and produce a service that will eventually form a small corperation.
Hopefully franchisable so we can branch off from what we create, and be
partners in business.

I will be looking for a CEO of this undefined business.  I will remain
"founder" of the corperation.  Will need someone with a good business
skills, and finance skills for the top CEO position.  The CEO will choose

...  Don't forget to include what it is you have to offer, I and the CEO
will be only choosing 6 lucky people.

This is an oppertunity to create whatever we want.  Over time, the
developments will form, and we will be where our gifts lead us, and where we

You can go on working for someone else.  Or use your gifts for what they
were ment for.  Honest business, and lots of money.

Fri, 04 Jul 2003 01:59:34 GMT  
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