VA-Reston- QA Engineer - Simulation, Test Tool Developer - SW ( 461226 ) 
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 VA-Reston- QA Engineer - Simulation, Test Tool Developer - SW ( 461226 )

 QA Engineer - Simulation, Test Tool Developer - SW
 Fairfax, VA

 Immediate need for a Quality Assurance Engineer.  You will receive a competitive salary and a stock options package with a punch!  We are a

 pre-IPO Internet company with an innovative eCommerce idea.  Everyone weve made an offer to has said Yes! because our project is so

 exciting! And, we only make offers to top-notch engineers.

 QA Engineer must have proven track record of QA in rapid development environment.  Successful candidates will be able to work in a team

 environment with developers measuring development progress and software quality, with the ability to focus development efforts on mission

 critical elements.


 Successful candidate will design and implement an extensible automated test environment that supports web-based test-on-demand as well as

 periodic execution.


 2+ years Java and/or C++ development;

 NT and UNIX experience;UNIX shell scripting;

 Understanding of high-level network protocols;



 Simulator and test driver development; Load/performance testing; Experience with commercial testing tools; Protocol testing;

 Test strategy and test plan development;

 Experience with Oracle, XML, HTTP, and SSL.
 Prime Strategic Resources, Inc

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Tel: 925-552-1000

Sat, 24 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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