FLoC 2002 Call for Participation 
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 FLoC 2002 Call for Participation

                    The 2002 Federated Logic Conference
              Copenhagen, Denmark, July 20 -- August 1, 2002

                           Call for Participation

In 1996, as part of its Special Year on Logic and Algorithms, DIMACS
hosted the first Federated Logic Conference (FLoC). It was modeled
after the successful Federated Computer Research Conference (FCRC),
and synergetically brought together conferences that apply logic to
computer science. The second Federated Logic Conference (FLoC'99) was
held in Trento, Italy, in July 1999.

The third Federated Logic Conference (FLoC'02) will be held in
Copenhagen, Denmark, in July 2002, jointly hosted jointly by the IT
University of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark and the
University of Copenhagen. The conference will be held at the
University of Copenhagen.

The following conferences, as well as a large number of workshops,
will participate in FLoC.

    Conference on Automated Deduction (July 27-30)
    Conference on Computer-Aided Verification (July 27-31)
    Formal Methods Europe (July 22-24)
    International Conference on Logic Programming (July 29 - August 1)
    IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (July 22-25)
    Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications (July 22-24)
    Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux and
      Related Methods (July 30 - August 1)

Online registration for FLoC is now open, see


Note that the deadline for early registration is

                            June 15, 2002.

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