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 Fortran 95 Review update

A version of the following update has appeared on comp.lang.fortran (I edited
the original slightly).  If you have posted the original review announcement
to your newsgroup, please also post the following update.  Thanks.

A comp.lang.fortran reader noted:

>> The current version of the JOR and the description of the format for
>> suggestions may be obtained by anonymous FTP from,
>> documents x3j3/95-004.gz and x3j3/pFR-call.r1.ascii.gz
>            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

>Couldn't find this document :-(

It's there now.

The person that maintains the X3J3 documents on the NCSA server was on
vacation and didn't get the correct version of the document posted as
rapidly as normal.

Note that the previous version of the JoR (x3j3/94-004r4.gz) _was_ available,
as explained in x3j3/README.

Warning:  If there are further revisions to the JoR, the document name will
continue to change.  The next version produced this year would be

BTW, if you don't have convenient access to gzip, you might prefer request
x3j3/95-004 rather than x3j3/95-004.gz, so the server will automatically
gunzip the file before sending it to you.  [The trick of omitting a trailing
.gz or .Z applies to all files with these extensions on the NCSA FTP server.]


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