Final Call For Papers: Europar'95 
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 Final Call For Papers: Europar'95

                            Final Call for Papers


                              Stockholm, Sweden
                              August 29-31, 1995

               International Conference on Parallel Processing
                        Merging PARLE and CONPAR-VAPP

               Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) and
                      Department of Teleinformatics, KTH

                             in cooperation with:

                                   IEEE CA
                             European Commission
                      Gesellschaft fuer Informatik/PARS

Parallel  processing  is  a discipline of  strategic significance  within  the
Information Technology sector. EURO-PAR'95 is the first conference that merges
the  two international conferences on parallel processing:  PARLE and  CONPAR-
VAPP.  EURO-PAR annual  conferences will cover the  full spectrum of  parallel
processing, ranging from theory to design and applications.  The  objective is
to  provide  a  forum within  which to  promote  the  development of  parallel
computing,  both  as an  industrial  technique  and  an  academic  discipline,
extending the frontier of  both  the state  of the  art  and the state  of the
practice. EURO-PAR'95 will include a vendor exhibition and workshops.

Conference Areas:

  Parallel Machines & Systems                 Design of Parallel Programs

  - shared, clustered and distributed         - parallel algorithms
    memory machines                           - complexity analysis
  - massively parallel systems                - formal program development
  - neural networks                             methodologies
  - evaluation, simulation and                - specification and verification

  Parallel Operating Systems                  Parallel Programming Languages

  - scheduling                                - language constructs
  - load balancing                            - semantics
  - memory management                         - programming environments
  - run-time systems                          - implementation issues

  Design of Parallel Architectures            Applications of Parallel Systems

  - multiprocessor design issues              - decision support
  - interconnection networks                  - databases
  - cache organization                        - industrial and business
  - specification and verification              applications
  - special purpose architectures             - scientific computing

Submission of Papers:

Authors should submit six copies of a full draft in English not exceeding 6000
words  to  the official  conference  mailing  address (see  below)  before  18
January, 1995. Papers may also be submitted in electronic form (postscript) by

submitted papers is 1  February, 1995. Writer's guidelines  are available from
the conference WWW page or ftp site.

A cover page should contain the author's full name, address, telephone number,
fax number, e-mail address,  a 100-word abstract and keywords. If the paper is
submitted electronically,  the cover page in the form  of an ascii-only e-mail
must contain the same information.

Submitted  papers  must  not  be  simultaneously  under  review for any  other
conference or journal, and authors must point out any substantial overlap with
their  previously  published  work.  Submissions  will  be  evaluated  by  the
programme  committee. Authors will be notified of acceptance by 7 April, 1995.
Camera ready copies of accepted papers will be required by 7 May, 1995.

A  best paper  award  will be  presented at the conference. Also a best  paper
award will be  presented for students.  (To qualify for a student paper award,
the paper must be accompanied by a covering letter specifying that the primary
author is a full-time student.)

Authors may also submit extended abstracts (of  not more than 2000  words) for
the  poster session. Extended abstracts will  be published in the proceedings.
Poster submissions  must  be  received  by  15 February,  1995.  We  encourage
submissions describing work in progress and commercial projects.

Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings by Springer-Verlag.

              Important dates

              Papers due                 18 January, 1995
              (e-mail submission          1 February, 1995)
              Posters due                15 February, 1995
              Acceptance notification     7 April, 1995
              Camera-ready due            7 May, 1995

              Infobahn Ramps

              WWW page:       http://www.*-*-*.com/
              ftp site: (directory "europar95")

              Official Mailing Address

              Box 1263, S-164 28 Kista
              Phone: +46 8 752 15 00
              Fax: +46 8 751 72 30

Steering Committee:

Chris Jesshope (UK, Chairman)               Ron Perrott (UK)
Kiril Boyanov (Bulgaria)                    Ivan Plander (Slovakia)
Agnes Bradier (EU)                          Karl Dieter Reinartz (Germany)
Michel Cosnard (France)                     Mateo Valero (Spain)
Lucio Grandinetti (Italy)                   Richard Wait (UK)
Constantine Halatsis (Greece)               Pierre Wolper (Belgium)
Seif Haridi (Sweden)

Organizing Committee:

Lars-Erik Thorelli (Sweden)                 Conference Chair
Seif Haridi (Sweden)                        Programme Chair
Khayri Ali (Sweden)                         Programme Co-Chair
Makoto Amamiya (Japan)                      Japan & Asia Coordinator
Doug DeGroot (USA)                          N. & S. American Coordinator
Bjrn Lisper (Sweden)                    Exhibition Chair
Peter Magnusson (Sweden)                    Workshop Chair
Michael Reeve (EU)                          European Union Liaison
Valentin Voevodin (Russia)                  Central & East European Coordinator

Programme Committee:

Emile H.L. Aarts (Netherlands)              Yasunori Kimura (Japan)
Gul Agha (USA)                              Manolis Katevenis (Greece)
Khayri Ali (Sweden)                         Ramamohanarao Kotagiri (Australia)
Makoto Amamiya (Japan)                      Bjorn Lisper (Sweden)
Francoise Andre (France)                    Peter Magnusson (Sweden)
B. Bergsten (France)                        Dimitris Maritsas (Greece)
M. Boari (Italy)                            Andrei Massalovitch (Russia)
Luc Bouge (France)                          Moray McLaren (UK)
Kiril Boyanov (Bulgaria)                    Burkhard Monien (Germany)
John Carter (USA)                           Hiroshi Nakashima (Japan)
Takashi Chikayama (Japan)                   Rishiyur S. Nikhil (USA)
Andrzej Ciepielewski (Sweden)               Ron Perrott (UK)
Michel Cosnard (France)                     Ivan Plander (Slovakia)
Doug DeGroot (USA)                          Michael Reeve (Belgium)
Michel Dubois (USA)                         Karl-Dieter Reinartz (Germany)
Paul Feautrier (France)                     Dirk Roose (Belgium)
Robert Fowler (Denmark)                     Shuichi Sakai (Japan)
Guang R. Gao (Canada)                       Joel Saltz (USA)
Geoffrey C. Fox (USA)                       Paul Spirakis (Greece)
Wolfgang Gentzsch (Germany)                 Per Stenstrom (Sweden)
Lucio Grandinetti (Italy)                   Ondrej Sykora (Slovakia)
Pascal Gribomont (Belgium)                  Peter Szeredi (Hungary)
Erik Hagersten (USA)                        Kazuo Taki (Japan)
Constantine Halatsis (Greece)               Sergios Theodoridis (Greece)
Seif Haridi (Sweden)                        Lars-Erik Thorelli (Sweden)
M. Hatzopoulos (Greece)                     Evan Tick (USA)
M. Hermenegildo (Spain)                     Marian Vajtersic (Slovakia)
P.A.J. Hilbers (Netherlands)                Mateo Valero (Spain)
Ladislav Hluchy (Slovakia)                  Valentin Voevodin (Russia)
Chris Jesshope (UK)                         R. Wait (UK)
Peter Kacsuk (Hungary)                      David H.D. Warren (UK)

Further Information:

For  further  information,   please  refer  to  the   World   Wide  Web   page
http://www.*-*-*.com/ , or  the ftp site If you  wish
to   be  added  to  the   EURO-PAR'95   mailing  list,  send  an   e-mail   to


Peter Magnusson
Swedish Institute of Computer Science

Tue, 27 May 1997 22:49:40 GMT  
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