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 Micro Focus question

Hello people...

Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, but I had to pick a place...

Does anyone have any information regarding Micro Focus, specifically, do they have an Internet site?  I have an application running
on an SCO Unix platform that was written in MF COBOL, and I need to get at the data and integrate it with some other in-house
systems on a Novell network.  From what I can gather, the data files are in C-ISAM format, and I'm not having any luck in figuring out
what the file structures are.  I tried calling the vendor that wrote the application, and they refuse to give out the file layouts, and want
to charge us a completely {*filter*} price to write the conversion routines for us.  I am currently attempting to use a product called
Data Junction to do the conversion, but I am hitting some road blocks and need to either talk to Micro Focus or anyone else who
has done something similar to this.

Please respond via e-mail, as I rarely have time to check out the newsgroups...



Sun, 27 Jul 1997 01:49:10 GMT  
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