NO-COST MS-DOS version of M (MUMPS) available via anonymous FTP 
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 NO-COST MS-DOS version of M (MUMPS) available via anonymous FTP

In anticipation of the upcoming vote on comp.lang.mumps,
DT-Student, a complete, working, fully documented MS-DOS version of
M (MUMPS) is now available at no cost via anonymous FTP.

In addition to a full working M system, DT-Student includes ASCII text
versions of

    LANG.TXT     a complete M (MUMPS) Language Reference Guide
    GUIDE.TXT    a Programmer's Guide
    MTAWORLD.TXT a catalogue of M products and learning tools from
                 the M Technology Association

IMHO, these text files alone are well worth the price   :-)

Yes, there ARE restrictions. Some important ones are:

     You may legally use DT-Student only subject to license.
     The full terms of the license are spelled out in a file.
     You are only licensed when you've registered with InterSystems
          according to a procedure spelled on in the file.
     The license expires in 1996.
     There are some capability limits, such as a maximum database
          size of 5 megabytes.
     No support is available other than the included documentation.

If you're concerned about the restrictions, you may wish to ftp the
11K file and read it before proceeding.

Here's a summary of the procedure. A followup message will be posted
in comp.lang.misc (but not in news.groups) which will give additional
details for those new at obtaining PC software via the InterNet.

To get DT-Student by anonymous FTP:

   cd /pub/dtstudent

   get all the files in the directory, using IMAGE mode, as follows

   889258 May 24 12:30 DTSTU.001
       60 May 24 12:30
   107834 May 24 12:30 install.exe
    11721 May 26 10:08

Move the files to a single directory on a PC, using Kermit
or some other protocol. Make sure all transfers are binary ("image")
mode and that the byte counts match those listed above.  Log onto
the drive and CD to the directory containing the files.  READ THE

Daniel P. B. Smith

Tue, 12 Nov 1996 08:25:22 GMT  
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