P-code, T-code and Uni-Code Intermediate Languages 
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 P-code, T-code and Uni-Code Intermediate Languages

A friend of mine requested me to submit this request on her behalf since she
doesn't have access to News. Please respond to her directly. Thank you.


I am trying to find recent references to P-code, T-code and Uni-Code, all of
which are intermediate code languages. I am somewhat familiar with the Pascal
P machine and P-code although not with what has been done lately, but I have
not heard much about T-code or Uni-Code. It would be greatly appreciated if
anyone knowing about these codes would send me e-mail. I don't have access
to this newsgroup. Thank you very much in advance.

Aiqin (Angelina) Pan
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory
Sunnyvale, California

Sat, 29 Jun 1996 13:43:18 GMT  
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