SEEKING: Procomm Plus ASPECT Guru 
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 SEEKING: Procomm Plus ASPECT Guru

        Currently, I'm using the ASPECT scripting language that came
with Procomm Plus 2.0.
        I'm trying to automate the keyboard input after dialing into
an online service.
        If you are familiar with ASPECT, would you please respond via
email so that I may enlist your help in troubleshooting my script.  My
problem is that it won't branch off using the IF/THEN.  I just know
that I'm not coding it incorrectly.  FOR YOUR HELP, you will receive
an eternal debt of gratitude from someone who is at their wits end,
and perhaps some other benefit that you may have in mind.

        Anyhelp you could provide would be super.

Christopher Wells
Denver, CO

Tue, 22 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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