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> Hi! I've been reading a bit about Chomsky's linguistics lately. I'm very
> impressed by it, but I've been told that he's been discredited in all
> sorts of ways. If this is so, can anyone let me (a non-linguist) know
> about a book or article which summarises the 'state of play' at the
> moment? Sad to say, I wouldn't know where to look.

He's only been discredited for personal reasons.  Most of the attacks
are on his character, not his theories, and it boils down to the fact
that many jews see him as betraying his race by defending the right of
holocaust revisionists to free speech (in particular, he publically
defended Faurisson's right to free speech).  In addition, he also
betrays his race by publically criticising Israel, and the US policies
on Israel.  And he further upsets politically correct people by saying
that chimps can't talk (even in sign language), and neither can

And you're in the wrong newsgroup - go to sci.lang.


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