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I'm sending out a message to everyone who has used the language called
Euphoria, from Rapid Deployment Software.  In case you haven't heard of
it, it is a langauge for the IBM PC that combines the ease of BASIC with
the power of C or Forth.  It can be found in the misclang directory of

What I am writing about is finding those who have used this language.  I
had previously contacted RDS about forming a user group for this product,
but they said it was premature.  I'm interested in forming an informal
group in which users of the product routinely exchange code, tips, ideas,
and just general info.  Any who are interested in such a venture, please

I don't have a lot of time to facilitate a large group, since I am in
high school and also have a part-time job, but I am serious about
learning all I can about software development.  So, please contact me if
you're interested!!

Travis B. Hartwell

Fri, 06 Jun 1997 11:41:48 GMT  
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