Q: Numerical codes in functional languages? 
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 Q: Numerical codes in functional languages?

Hello All,

I'm seeking for references to numerical codes (ie solving fluid
mechanics equations, or solid mechanics, or astronomical, ....)
written in functional languages such as SML, Haskell, Lisp variants
(including Scheme or Common Lisp), etc. I don't consider interfacing
(ie embedding) an existing numerical code to a functional language
used as a command or scripting language (so I'm not interested in
numerical codes driven by embedding Scheme interpreters).

In particular, I am interested in the following caracteristics:

1) domain of the numerical codes, and class of equations used, and
kind of numerical methods (finite elements, monte carlo, variational
methods, etc).

2) Language used and what implementation, target machines...

3) was the code written from scratch in the functional language, or
was it a rewrite of an older fortran code?

4) approximate size (in KLOC=kilo line of source code) of the
numerical code.

5) reasons for choosing a functional languages.

I would prefer email answers. Please tell me if I can cite you in a

(I now of MCP, a Monte Carlo Photon transport code, written in
SML. But I lack details about it).

N.B. Any opinions expressed here are solely mine, and not of my organization.
N.B. Les opinions exprimees ici me sont personnelles et n engagent pas le CEA.

Please cite a *pertinent part* of my mail in all answers
Veuillez citer une *partie pertinente* de mon courrier dans vos reponses

Basile STARYNKEVITCH   ----  Commissariat l Energie Atomique
DRN/DMT/SERMA * CEA/Saclay bat.470 * 91191 GIF/YVETTE CEDEX * France
fax: (33) [1]; phone:; homephone:

I speak french, english, russian. Je parle fran?ais, anglais, russe.

Sun, 29 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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