New Book: Implicit Parallel Programming in pH 
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 New Book: Implicit Parallel Programming in pH

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Implicit Parallel Programming in pH
by Rishiyur Nikhil, Arvind


In this important new text, the authors offer a completely different
vision of the future, where parallel programming is the default and
sequential programming is a special case. The foundation of this
vision is an implicitly parallel programming language, pH, which is
the result of two decades of research by the authors. A dialect and
extension of the standard nonstrict and purely functional language
Haskell, pH is essentially Haskell with implicitly parallel semantics.
pH's extensions to Haskell comprise a disciplined approach to shared
parallel state, so that a pH program-even a beginner's program-is
implicitly parallel.

The authors have developed this text over ten years while teaching
implicit parallel programming to graduate students at MIT and
specialized short courses to undergraduates and software professionals
in the U.S., Japan, and India.

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
San Francisco, California

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