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                Preliminary Announcement and Call for Papers
    Second International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages
                              Berlin, Germany
                            September 1-3, 1997.

The last decade has seen the emergence of a class of languages and
models variously termed ``coordination languages'', ``configuration
languages'', and ``architectural description languages''. These
formalisms provide a clean separation between individual software
components and their interaction in the overall software
organisation. This separation makes large applications more tractable,
supports global analysis, and enhances reuse of software. Building on
the success of COORDINATION'96, COORDINATION'97 will provide a forum
for this rapidly growing community working in areas ranging from
theoretical models and foundations, to languages and implementation
techniques. The proceedings of COORDINATION'96 were published as
Springer Verlag LNCS 1061.

Topics of interest:
Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

   * Theoretical models and foundations for coordination: component
     composition; concurrency; dynamic aspects of coordination.
   * Specification, refinement and analysis of software architectures;
     verification of functional and non-functional properties.
   * Coordination, software architecture, and interface definition
     languages; implementation issues; interoperability and heterogeneity.
   * Tools and environments for the development of coordinated applications;
     integration within the development process; maintenance, evolution and
     reuse of software architectures; patterns and architecture styles;
     knowledge-based techniques for software architectures; integration
   * Industrial relevance of coordination and software architectures;
     programming in the large; domain-specific software architectures and
     coordination models; case studies.

Submissions: Authors are invited to send 6 copies of a full paper (in
English, up to 6 000 words, preferably double-sided) at the postal
address mentioned on the left. Full papers must be received by the
program co-chair no later than January 24. Electronic submissions will
not be considered.  Simultaneous submission to other conferences or
journals is not allowed.  Each submission should be preceded by an
abstract of no more than 250 words, sent by email (in ascii format) to

January 17.

Selection: Submissions should explicitly state their contribution and
their relevance to coordination or software architecture. Other
criteria for selection will be originality, significance, correctness
and clarity.

Case study workshop: A co-located workshop will be organised to
present and compare approaches to coordination and software
architecture through an industrial case study. Authors are invited to
participate in the workshop by submitting either a position paper or a
full paper presenting a solution to the case study. For additional
details on the workshop, see
" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ; or contact the
workshop chair at the address on the left.

Conference format and location: Coordination'97 will be hosted by the
Technical University Berlin. Berlin is the 3.5 million residents
capital of Germany and reflects the history in a unique way with many
touristic attractions. It is one of Europe's leading cultural centers
and offers a rich variety of opera, theatres and a colorful nightlife
for all interests.  The three airports in Berlin are about 30 to 40
minutes from the western center where the conference site and hotels
for participants are located.

Conference format and location: Information on the Web about COORDINATION'97
can be found at http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~coord97/.


 David Garlan (CMU/USA)
  Daniel Le Mtayer (INRIA/FR)           COORDINATION'97 :
                                         Daniel Le M\'etayer
 PROGRAM COMMITTEE:                      INRIA/IRISA
 Jaco de Bakker (CWI/NL)                 Rennes
 Maarten Boasson (Signaal/NL)            Campus de Beaulieu
 Luca Cardelli (Digital/USA)             35042 RENNES CEDEX
 Paolo Ciancarini (Bologna/IT)           FRANCE
 Susan Graham (Berkeley/USA)             Phone: +33 99 84 73 06
 Chris Hankin (London/UK)                Fax: +33 99 84 71 71

 Ugo Montanari (Pisa/IT)
 Mark Moriconi (SRI/USA)
 Oscar Nierstrasz (Berne/CH)             WORKSHOP INFORMATION
 Dewayne Perry (Bell Labs/USA)           Edwin de Jong
 Antnio Porto (Lisbon/P)                Hollandse Signaalapparaten b. v.
 James Purtilo (Maryland/USA)            Zuidelijke Havenweg 40
 David Schmidt (KSU/USA)                 7554 RR Hengelo
 Peter Wegner (Brown/USA)                Netherlands
 Alexander L. Wolf (Colorado/USA)        Phone: +31 74 24 82 851
 LOCAL ORGANIZER:                        Fax: +31 74 24 84 018

 Deadline for abstracts (email): January 17, 1997
 Deadline for paper submissions: January 24, 1997
 Notification of acceptance: April 13, 1997
 Camera-ready version due: May 23, 1997
 Conference: September 1-3, 1997
 Case study workshop: September 4, 1997
 The proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag in the LNCS series.

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