Hope+, A Practical Pure Functional Language Available 
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 Hope+, A Practical Pure Functional Language Available

Hope+ Functional Language

Hope+ is a development of the original Edinburgh Hope
language and was designed as part of the Alvey Flagship
project. Hope+ is a pure functional language with the
following major features:

*       Data structures are constructed lazily, function
        application is "call by WHNF".

*       Function types must be declared. The type system
        is polymorphic and arbitrary overloading of
        functions is supported.

*       "Best fit" pattern matching, if two or more
        equations' patterns match equally well then an
        ambiguous error is generated.

*       Real numbers, both single and extended precision,
        together with a library of all common trignometric
        and hyperbolic functions etc.

*       Single dimensional vectors of any type (including
        other vectors...) with a set of higher-order
        functions for manipulating them.

*       Module system and separate compilation.

*       Comprehensive "result continuation" based PURE I/O
        system, providing stream and character I/O, signal
        (interupt) handling, etc.

*       PURE inter-language working with C.

*       Fast execution.

The above features make Hope+ a practical pure functional
language and it has been used for a number of large
programming projects within Alvey Flagship.

Hope+ runs on Sun-3's running SunOS 3/4. Subject to the
license agreement below, Hope+ is available from Imperial
College for a distribution fee of 50 pounds sterling, or 60
pounds sterling for non-UK sites.

If you have any techinal queries regarding Hope+ contact
either Nigel Perry or Keith Sephton. If you would like a
copy of Hope+ send a copy of the license agreement and your
cheque payable to "Department of Computing, Imperial College"
to John Darlington, who will then mail you a Sun cartridge
tape and documentation.

        Department of Computing
        Imperial College
        180, Queens Gate
        London SW7

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                  Hope+ License Agreement

1.  License Terms

1.1  The Alvey Flagship Project agrees to supply  the  Hope+
     software  via  its agent Imperial College Department of
     Computing Functional Programming Group,  hereto  called
     Imperial  College,  to the Licensee under the following

1.2  Subject to conditions  stated  below  Imperial  College
     grants to the Licensee the use of the Hope+ software in
     machine-readable form at  the  designated  site  below.
     Title  to  all copies of the Hope+ software remains the
     property of Imperial College. No License is granted for
     the  use  of  the Hope+ software at any site other than
     the designated site.

1.3  This License,  the  Hope+  software,  the  accompanying
     documentation  and  any  other  information provided by
     Imperial College to  the  Licensee  may  not  be  sold,
     leased,  assigned, sublicensed or otherwise transferred
     or made available, in whole or in part, by the Licensee
     to any third party.

1.4  The Licensee  shall  not  use  the  Hope+  software  to
     develop commercial products or services for sale by the
     Licensee or other parties.

1.5  The Licensee shall not disassemble, decompile or modify
     in any way the Hope+ software.

1.6  The Licensee  shall  make  all  reasonable  efforts  to
     notify  and  inform  any  users  who have access to the
     Licensed software of the terms of this license.

1.7  The Hope+ software is supplied only  on  the  condition
     that  Imperial College makes no warranty as to the com-
     pleteness or correctness of the code; that it is under-
     stood  that  there may be coding or logic errors in the
     software. No guarantee can be made to correct errors in
     the  software  supplied  or  to  develop  the  software

Designated site :-

Signature :-

Please sign two copies of this agreement and return one copy
to John Darlington at the above address.

------------------------- cut here -------------------------
Nigel Perry                                  Department of Computing
                                             Imperial College

Wed, 19 May 1993 01:20:00 GMT  
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